I was feeling a bit off today...

I was feeling a bit off today... | September, 2018
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I was feeling a bit off today (like most days), and then it hit me.. my need to say something...

Life is not easy.
Life is full of unexpected surprises.
Life tests you.
Life is a rollercoaster of emotion.
Life has high expectations.
Life is not sugar coated.
Life is a test (you can’t get the cheat sheet ).
Life is like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book. Left or right?

My point is, I have people in my life, in my world, that are facing hard times, have suffered losses, health issues linger, money problems surface, losing a home is only a day away, will my child come home today and what about me in this life?

Friends, I can’t stress this enough..so please pay attention..lol!

It is ok to worry.
It is ok to cry.
It is ok to not have an answer.
It’s ok to feel sad.
It’s ok to feel alone.
It’s ok to scream.
It’s ok to hurt.
It’s ok to bury yourself in a blanket.

It’s all ok...but...never be ashamed for your feelings.

Never feel that your struggle should not be heard, talked about, and acknowledged.

We strive to put on a happy face everyday, but the fact is, not everyday is happy.

Sometimes I hurt..not just for myself, but for others...which is why I’m writing this...

When you think no-one cares, or understands..I’m going to call bullshit, because you obviously were not talking to me, or anyone else??

Stop hiding what hurts you, and embrace it.

You are not weak, and I promise, someone understands your pain.

And, even if they don’t, they care.

We live in an incredible world of compassion, and when you reach out, the response can be amazing.

This is dedicated to all my friends and family that are hurting... or are unsettled in life right now.

You are not alone, and I am thinking about you, right now!!

Share, and brighten someone else’s day!

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My name is Penny and my blog has been written to take you on my journey of living with an eating disorder. To share my strength, hope, courage, tears, sadness and heartache, and my wishes for a better tomorrow. I don't know how my story will end, but the words 'I gave up' will never be printed. I am choosing to battle for my life an yours! I hope to spread awareness on Eating Disorders and Mental Health Issues.