Reminders... | Aug, 2018
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Last night, I had the most wonderful and thoughtful gift left at my front door.

It touched my heart so much, that want to share what it means to me, and why this is so very special.

I found a book waiting for me, a Children’s book, called, We’re Going in a Bearhunt.

The extremely amazing friend of mine, so this book, and it reminded her of my journey. It also reminded her of my mantra, The Only Way Out is Through.

She congratulated me on my first week ‘outpatient’ free, and called me courageous. very overwhelming and touching at the sane time.

This book refers to ‘not being scared’, ‘we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it’ and ‘we’ve got to go through it!’

Damn...this book was written for me!

So thank you my dear friend for bringing me my very own self help book, and giving me all the reminders I need in my recovery.

But there’s more...

This friend, is by far one of the most generous, caring, loving, genuine, selfless person, I have ever met, and she has been only my side every step of my recovery.

She has been my cheerleader, inspiration, motivation and reminder of what is great in this life.

I have been very blessed to have earned her trust, and she has opened up to me about her personal life.

I look at how each day brings new challenges, more errands, more cooking, more cleaning and more of everything!

It can get so overwhelming, and when you are physically struggling (which I can speak from personal experience), it takes courage and determination to get shit done.

I am forever amazed at how much she gives to everyone, and always does it with a smile.

She is always asking how everyone else is doing, and puts herself at the bottom of the totem pole.

So, I’m here to thank this lovely lady, for always shining, and for taking the time to sprinkle glitter on so many lives!

This book reminds me of her, because no matter what life throws her way..she knows, The Only Way Out is Through...and some days will harder than others.

I have learned so much in last few months, and I see life in a different way now.

I see the beauty in people, I have compassion, I am non judgmental toward others, I listen, and I genuinely care for others.

In a would that can get very dark at times, I am forever grateful for the people that have stayed with me through the good and the bad times.

I am constantly reminded that life is beautiful, and I am loved.

The Only Way Out is Through...


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